Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Berlin´s First Canned Beer Tasting

Beer in cans -  love it or hate it.

It´s the best way to store a beer, some people say. 
Others think of canned beer as cheap, and sometimes - especially in Germany - they are damned right.
On the other hand, some famous American Craft Brewers fill their beer in cans.
If you want to make your own opinion about it - and get some information about canned beer history
that´s your tasting
We´ll taste several beers from U.S. breweries, classics like Oskar Blues, standards like Sierra Nevada, 
Six Point New York, Maui from Hawaii.

at Berlin Bier Shop, Kirchstr. 23, 10557 Berlin
this Friday, 25th of October, starts at 8 pm

Number of spots limited, so please book soon to avoid frustration:

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