Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

IPA-Day - tomorrow

Tomorrow will be IPA Day - the official one.

We had a little fortaste last night.

                                     Special IPAs at Berlin Bier Shop

Maybe we need more IPA Days - or ?

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Stone Beer Tasting in Berlin

Here we go !

Berlin Bier Shop proudly presents 

the glorious and magnificent Greg Koch

redeemer of all thirsty souls and avenger of the dispossessed beerdrinkers,

spreading the word of Craft Beer at the

Stone Beer Tasting, this Tuesday, July 30th. 

Of course, we will taste beers...

Starts at 8 pm at the shop.
Number of spots limited -
please make your reservation soon to avoid frustration:

Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Bier Berlin: Stone Tasting - 3.edition

Watch out !

                                 Next Stone Tasting at Berlin Bier Shop

Coming Soon !
I mean, very soon...

Montag, 22. Juli 2013

New Beers from Camba Bavaria

Some new beers for you:

  Camba Bavaria at Berlin Bier Shop

Camba Bavaria:
Pale Ale
Amber Ale
Ei-Pi-Ai - IPA
Hop Gun
Coffee Porter

Schönram Eric Toft´s:
Pale Ale
Bavarian Best Double IPA
Bavarian Best Imperial Stout
and Schönram Pilsener (one of our favorites in that style)

Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Brewdog Tasting - The Beer List

These are the beers we´ll taste this Friday at the Brewdog Tasting:

Dead Pony Club (American Pale)
5AM Saint (Amber Ale)
Brewdog IPA is Dead (2013):
Dana IPA
Waimea IPA
El Dorado IPA
Goldings IPA
Punk IPA
Hardcore IPA
Libertine Black Ale
DogA (5. Anniversary Brew)

Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Bier Berlin presents: Brewdog Tasting

We waited a long time to have these beers back in Germany

Here they are: 

Brewdog Tasting at the Berlin Bier Shop

Taste with us:  4 NEW different single-hopped IPAs, to compare with the classic Punk IPA, plus Hardcore IPA, and some special-edition beers, and more...

Tasting starts at 8 p.m.on Friday, 5th of July, at the Shop, Kirchstr.23, in 10557 Berlin.
Number of spots limited, so book early to avoid disappointment: