Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

Buckwheat Barley Wine

Have a nice weekend !

                               Mikkeller & Three Floyds at Berlin Bier Shop


Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Mikkeller: Yeast Series 2.0

                 The Beauty and the Yeast

Yeast Series 2.0 | Mikkeller:
"There are six very different beers in this particular series. They are all made with the same malt, same hops, and the same mash time and temperature. The only difference between the six beers is the yeast they are fermented with. And then of course the fermentation temperature."

Lager, English Ale, American Ale, Saison, Brettanomyces Lambicus and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis.

                              Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0 at Berlin Bier Shop

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

The Americanization of Beer Styles

The Americanization of Beer Styles:

"Over the past 30 years innovative craft brewers in the United States have created many beer types that at the time defied categorization as European styles. The popularity of these “America-style” beers has grown both in the USA and internationally. What has defined these styles and why did they emerge? Here are a few select examples of how both culture and access to ingredients helped to define new directions in beer character."


Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

More Craft Beer from Czech Republic

                    Bored with Czech Standard Pilsners ?
                   How about some Porter and Smoked ?

                                      Czech Craft Beer at Berlin Bier Shop

Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Craft Beer from the Czech Republic

               From Czech Republic with Love

Czech beer - that´s Pilsner - right ?  -  Rethink, and taste this ones.
We got some specials for you: Pale Ale, IPAs and Porter...

                                 Czech Microbrews at Berlin Bier Shop