Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Bier Berlin: FiftyFifty Eclipse barrel-aged Imperial Stouts

What a tasting. We had the FiftyFifty Imperial Stout Eclipse Series 2011 - aged in different oak barrels: Here they come again, by name - for you to remember. 
However: I´m sure you won´t forget that tasting !
Brandy Barrel Blend
Four Roses Bourbon Barrel 3 years old
Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Blend 4-5 years old
Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrel 12 years old
Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrel 20 years old
Iced Imperial Stout (iced 3 times)

                The whole Series: FiftyFifty Imperial Eclipse Stout 2011

Thanks to Todd Ashman, brewmaster at FiftyFifty, for coming around and sharing.
And special thanks to Bierbotschafterin Sylvia Kopp, Johannes Heidenpeter and the crew from Markthalle IX for making this happen...

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