Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Bier Berlin: Tasting Beers from Scotland

                     These Scots brew weird stuff !

Beers from Scotland - that means diversity and variety. Traditional styles like scottish and scotch ales - yeees, there´s a difference - (read more >>).
On the other hand: historical ales without hops - Scotland had no hop-growing tradition - brewed with all kinds of stuff like pine resins, different berries, herbs or spices, seaweed... Crazy brews ! Not enough: awesome beers like the ones from BrewDog and the amazing brews from Williams Bros: some hybrid styles, some brewed with elderflowers, lemon zest and more. Not forget to mention the beers aged in scottish whisky barrels...
Curious ? Where to start ? At the

                    Tasting at Berlin Bier Shop !

On Thursday, 24th of May - starts 8 PM

List of the beers:
Williams Bros „Seven Giraffes“ – Elderflower & Lemon Zest
Williams Bros „Caesar Augustus“ – Lager / IPA Hybrid
Williams Bros „Profanity Stout“ – dryhopped
Willams Bros „Alba“ - Pine Ale
Cairngorm „Blessed Thistle“ - Thistle Ale with Ginger
Brewdog „5 AM Saint“ - Amber Ale
Brewdog „Hardcore IPA“
Orkney „Skull Splitter“ - Rich Ale
Orkney Dark Island Reserve – Aged in Whisky Casks
Moylan´s Kilt Lifter – U.S. Scotch-Style Ale

                                Beers from Scotland at Berlin Bier Shop
                                     Historic Ales at Berlin Bier Shop
                                      BrewDog at Berlin Bier Shop

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