Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Berlin´s First Bier Rally

...friends dropped by, brought some foreign beers from travels - joined by others -
 I had a look downstairs for more special beer... - pleasant and inspiring night, talking beer - went home late - happy and satisfied. These things happen, rarely, sometimes. BUT - it´s up to us - we´re going to make it happen, NOW! - And you´ll be part of it, at

                     Berlin´s first Official Beer Rally

gathering at Berlin Bier Shop - next Friday, 13th of April, starts at 6 p.m.
Bring some of your favorite, special  beers, (enough) to share with some other beer aficionados. Homebrews welcome ! Feel free to join us ...

                        Picture of our latest (in)-official beer tasting at Bier Berlin


  1. This sounds great. I'm actually going to a homebrewers meet in my local beer shop here in england this week. I'm actually moving out to Berlin in August though so I'll try and come along. I'm going to be looking for work when I get out there, any beer-related (bars, breweries, shops etc) places it would be worth looking at for a job?