Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Reinheitsgebot - Einheitsgebot

Interview with Eric Toft, brewmaster at Landbrauerei Schönram.

Nominees for Best Craft Beer of 2011

Nominees for Best Craft Beer of 2011 -

"We’re taking nominations for our prestigious Best Craft Beer of 2011 Poll.
- Considered a new product to the general public.
- Could have been piloted in test batches in previous years to a very small crowd."

Full list, here >>

Weihnachts-Bier - Das Tasting

Special Tasting - Christmas Beers

Am Freitag, 9. Dezember, verkosten wir die diesjährigen Weihnachtsbiere.

Es ist ein schöner Brauch in Belgien: Zur Winterzeit brauen viele Brauereien ein ganz spezielles Weihnachtsbier. Nach besonderer Rezeptur, mit hochwertigem Malz, manchmal mit winterlichen Gewürzen oder fassgereift - immer besonders hochwertig und -prozentig (7 bis 12 Vol % Alk.) - der perfekte "winter-warmer".  Das Bier wird in der Regel in Schmuckflaschen gefüllt, ist meist flaschenvergoren und damit 3 bis 5 Jahre lagerfähig. Also etwas für Sammler und Genießer, das besondere Geschenk für Bierliebhaber...

Die Biere des Tastings:

Chouffe N´Iice
Delirium Christmas
De Dolle Brouwers Stille Nacht
Bush de Noel
St. Bernardus Xmas
Abbaye des Rocs Spéciale Noel
Binchoise Noel
Carolus Xmas
Rulles Meilleurs Voeux
St. Feuillien Noel

Am Freitag, 9. Dezember, um 20 Uhr (8 PM) im

Kirchstr. 23
10557 Berlin

Die Zahl der Teilnehmer ist begrenzt - number of entrants limited.
Gleich anmelden - please make your reservation soon:

phone 030 - 391 00 730 or

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Brewdog Bier - Der Rest 2011

Wir haben noch eine letzte Charge von Brewdog Bieren aufgetrieben.
Dies sind WIRKLICH die derzeit letzten erhältlichen Bestände in Deutschland.
Zukunft leider ungewiss...

Punk IPA
Trashy Blonde
5 am Saint

Jetzt. - Oder nie ?

Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Greg Koch and the Craft of Stone Brewing Company

Greg Koch and the Craft of Stone Brewing Company - Bobby Likes Beer:
"Greg Koch is a legend. The CEO of Stone Brewing Company is one of craft beer’s greatest evangelists. He’s constantly pushing the business forward and his new book, “The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.” gives all beer fans insight into the products and business of Stone. I got to chat with him while he visited Cleveland for his book tour. Here’s what he had to say!"

Read the full interview, here >>

Top beers of 2011

Top 25 beers of 2011 » Beer | DRAFT Magazine:

"2011 saw an unprecedented wave of innovative and eclectic beer—from 100-percent Brettanomyces ales to session beers reimagined— while a torrent of new breweries burst onto the scene. This is our snapshot of beer’s ever-changing identity and a toast to the pinnacle pours from 2011."

12 Beers to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner

12 Beers to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner Slideshow | The Daily Meal:

"On a marathon-long eating day like Thanksgiving, you're going to want to start out with something light and easy-drinking, like a pilsner or a lager. The brewery's lager is a great friend-of-all-foods choice, but if you're looking for something with a slightly more assertive character, the hoppy Prima Pils is a good beer to enjoy with appetizers while watching the game on TV."

More great beers for Thanksgiving >>

Beer Styles: Sour Beer Delights

Sour Beers — Review -

"Sour beer: It sounds like something worth spilling out, and not crying over. In fact, sour beer has enthralled many American craft brewers, who, like the one I visited, are turning out fascinating brews that will challenge many people’s expectations of what a beer can be."

Read the full review, here>>

Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Tasting Beer - Die Biertesterin

Die Biertesterin:

"Sommeliers gibt es für Wein und Wasser - und auch für Bier: Sylvia Kopp ist eine Biersommelière. Sie kreiert Biermenüs und analysiert den Geschmack eines Bieres, für Experten - und unentschlossene Restaurantgäste."

Mehr über die Bierbotschafterin >>

Beer and Food - Dr. Bill Sysak's Thanksgiving Pairings | Dr. Bill Sysak's Thanksgiving Pairings:

"Thanksgiving marks the ultimate feast in many American households, and it's no secret that I'm rather fond of feasts. And what better accompaniment to a fine meal than a fine beverage, I say! Beer—being the most versatile of all beverages to pair with food in my opinion—allows for a veritable cornucopia of pairing options, making it perfect for any Thanksgiving celebration."

A lot of pairings, here >>

Bier in Berlin - Neue Biere von Brewbaker

Neue Biere von Brewbaker:
Berliner Nacht - Imperial Stout
Berliner Art - Double IPA

ebenfalls neu - im neuen 0,75 Liter Format:
Berlin IPA
Red Lager

Mehr über die Biere >>

Bier Berlin: Edelbiere aus Moabit

Edelbiere aus Moabit:
"Nun ist es endlich wieder da, das Imperial Stout, das der Brewbaker in der Moabiter Markthalle braut und das mich im Juli in Verzückung gebracht hat. Jetzt heißt es Berliner Nacht und ist der Beginn einer Serie besonderer Biere, die der junge Braumeister Michael Schwab als Edelmarke auflegt. Mit besonderen Etiketten versehen, kommt das Bier in ¾-Liter-Flaschen in den Handel."

Mehr >>

Samstag, 19. November 2011

Weihnachtsbier - Tipps

The Beers of Christmas :

"Winter just may be the most wonderful time of the year…for a beer. Many brewing companies put out seasonal offerings, the majority of which are rich, full-bodied, high-alcohol sippers that go great with a chilly evening by the fire or a night of wassailing."

Introducing Schneider-Weisse TAP X: Nelson Sauvin (Video)

Introducing Schneider-Weisse TAP X: Nelson Sauvin (Video) - Beer Releases - BeerAdvocate:

"Schneider-Weisse TAP X: Nelson Sauvin marks a series of firsts for Germany's longest-running wheat brewery. Rich and golden with floral and fruit overtones, this bottle fermented weizenbock not only represents the inaugural release in Schneider's experimental Tap X series, but it is also the first Schneider beer to be brewed with a Belgian yeast strain since the brewery's inception in 1872. "

More about it  >>

Freitag, 18. November 2011

Cellaring and Aging Beer

Cellaring and Aging Beer - Imbibe Magazine:

"Welcome to the new world of old beer. Like wine, beer has the capacity to age, evolve and develop complex new aromas and flavors. Think that Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine is a rich treat right now? Try it in 10 years, when it has mellowed into a smooth elixir worthy of a snifter. "


Amazing Beer Cellar - Video

Some beers are intended for aging - take a look on this cellar. Great selection, man !

Amazing Beer Cellar, here >>

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Weihnachtsbier - Best Holiday Beers

Best Holiday Beers - Imbibe Magazine:

"From classic Belgian strong ales to recipes that change year to year, the flavors of holiday beers are the ideal match for the rich, decadent foods of the season, and they make perfect gifts for your beer-loving friends. Like everything else during the holidays, these are indulgent beers meant for savoring and celebrating."

Best Canned Craft Beer

Best Canned Craft Beer - Imbibe Magazine:

"Think you can't find good beer in a can? Think again.
Craft brewers with a can-do attitude are shrugging off the notion that canned beers are thin and uninspired by offering many of their best brews in eco-friendly and inexpensive aluminum packaging. These modern cans are lined with a thin wall of plastic that wards off any tinny flavors, while complete opacity keeps light at bay. Plus, their size and packaging makes them perfect for camping or a trip to the beach. "

Here are 10 of our favorites >>

The World's Best Bottled Beers

The World's Best Bottled Beers - Imbibe Magazine:

"From IPAs to saisons, we scour the globe to find the best bottled beers in the world. Quick, 10 seconds or less: What’s the best beer in the world?"

The 25 Best New American Beers

Do know think you know American Beers ? We´re talking about Craft Brews - of course. So, how about these ones...
A great selection by paste magazine:

The 25 Best New American Beers of 2010

Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Bier Berlin - New Craft Beers from the U.S.

That´s new:

Left Hand Milk Stout
Flying Dog Indian Pale Ale
Victory Prima Pils
Anchor Liberty Ale
Anchor Old Foghorn

and more...

Rauchbier - This craft brew is like liquid smoke from Bamberg

Rauchbier - This craft brew is like liquid smoke from Bamberg:

"The pour releases a smoky campfire aroma with a faint bacon quality that remains evident throughout the session. A burnt white head quickly settles to a thick film atop a coffee body with amber accents when held to light. The palate matches the nose profile with additions of char and leather, which offers an unexpected complexity. Sweet malt, dried dates, round out the dry finish tempering the departure. I anticipate this will be a love-hate relationship for most but unquestionably worth the effort if only for the experience."

More >>

Bier Berlin: Brewbaker Herbst Bock

Die letzten Flaschen Brewbaker Herbst Bock - ranhalten - bevor der Winter kommt...
...und auch das Brewbaker Pumpkin Lager geht zur Neige...

Belgische Weihnachtsbiere: N´ ice Chouffe

More Xmas Beers:

N´ice Chouffe

Pilsener Malz, Styrian Goldings und Saaz Hopfen. Tief dunkles Kupferbraun, duftet nach Karamell mit Gewürzen - erinnert an Weihnachtsgebäck. Schmeckt nach getoastetem Malz, Feige, trocken und angenehm bitter - cremig, dezent laktisch - 10 Vol % Alkohol. In der 0,75 l Flasche - mindestens haltbar bis Ende 2014 -  99/100 points on ratebeer

More Xmas Beers available:
Abbaye des Rocs Spéciale Noel
Binchoise Noel 
Carolus Xmas 
Rulles Meilleurs Voeux
St Bernardus Xmas
St Feuillien Noel

And more, soon.

Freitag, 4. November 2011

Bier in Berlin: Das Hofbräuhaus - Himmel der Preußen

Hofbräuhaus in Berlin - Himmel der Preußen -
"Jodeln, Glockenspiel und Weißwurstzuzeln: Süddeutsche Heimatgefühle ließen sich in Berlin schon immer prächtig vermarkten: Ein Hamburger eröffnet nun das angeblich größte bayerische Wirtshaus Europas - mitten am Alexanderplatz."

Space for Spices - Holiday beers

Brooks on Beer: Spice beers:
"For centuries, beer makers have added distinctive flavors to the classic mix of malted barley or wheat, hops, yeast and water to give the brew its own signature style. Historically, they've added fruit, flowers, herbs, roots and even vegetables -- and as expensive, rare spices became more available, brewers began using them to flavor their beer, too. Today, many spices are still used in beer, although they're generally reserved for special releases, and the holidays always bring a flurry of spiced beers."