Montag, 12. September 2011

Beer’s black market

Beer’s black market: "Last month, for example, San Diego’s Stone Brewing Co., whose rare Vertical Epic beers are sometimes listed on eBay for more than $1,000 per bottle, began selling the first beer in its new Quingenti Millilitre series via a lottery system, and Stone has announced that people who try to resell it will be banned from future drawings. “We have involuntarily been a part of the eBay aftermarket for many years,” says Greg Koch, Stone’s co-founder and chief executive. “This is the first time we’ve come out, laid it on the table and said very point-blank, ‘Please, do not resell.’”"

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  1. Hi,

    quite nice article, but we should also take in count, countries like Germany, where availability of EEUU or UK craft beer is close to non-existent(except for this shop of course!!!). Some beergeeks just have no other alternative than shop in eBay for nice Brews. Of course, one thing is shopping at reasonable prices, and other is "blackmarketing" non-reselleable goods at insane prices.

    Also, I find sad and almost depressing, that for Zwanze 2011 there´s no single Shop or Brewpub in Germany serving the beer. Germany, land of beer, loses events like Zwanze 2011 one after another. How can it be that Italy has 3 locations for the event and Germany none!

    Anyways, great job you´re doing in Berlin Bier Shop. Keep on! (Sadly I missed the Stone Co tasting event...)