Samstag, 26. März 2011

Kein Dogfish Head Bier für Europa

Bye, Dogfish Head.  -  Eine der führenden U.S.- Microbrews legt den europäischen Markt erstmal auf Eis.

Head Dogfish Sam Calagione bittet um Verständnis:

Thanks For Understanding: "So it is bittersweet for us to announce that we are pulling out of, or limiting some of our core beers from, a number of states. Yes this sucks. The glass-half-full view is that we (and a handful of other U.S. craft breweries making similar moves) have to do this because your numbers the number of U.S. drinkers buying and enjoying craft beer - are growing so quickly!"

          One of the last bottles of Dogfish Head in Europe - at Berlin Bier Shop

See you later, Alligator Dogfish.

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